Destiny's calling – it's time to answer!

For those of you who are pressing forward to pursue your destiny or “passionate purpose in life”, here are some pointers of what to do when you encounter a “blockage”. I will post this in parts because it’s a lot to take in.
For those of you just joining us, you can start with Part 1 here.

Last time, we covered Acknowledging and Identifying the Blockage, looking for a Reframe and using Tools to clear the blockage. Today we will continue with:

4. Meditation/Mindfulness – practice this for clarity. Most people I know who successfully follow their destiny have some way to “clear their minds” of all the mental clutter. For some, this is a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer. For others, it is taking deep breaths and being mindful or being fully present. Some of us find this clarity and tranquility while walking on the beach or in the stillness of the woods. Others turn on music that inspires them, that helps them reconnect with their truest self. Whatever works for you, do it.

5. Trust your gut – pay attention, what is it telling you? When there are a lot of emotions involved, sometimes it takes time to “hear” clearly from your gut. Research has shown that there is a very dense concentration of nerves that cover an area of the stomach we refer to as our “gut”. It is almost as complex as the nerves in your brain. Some have said this is your “second brain” to help you make wise decisions. I have a specific exercise to help my clients listen to their gut and identify what it is saying to you. If you need help with this, read this post.

6. Consciously Relinquish Control. Keep telling yourself, “I am not in control. It is what it is. Let it go.” Saying it out loud helps too. Part of following your destiny is realizing you are not in control of the process. When you think you are, you develop a false sense of responsibility – this adds to your stress. Stress blocks you from BEING who you are – which is the key to your destiny. So, avoid stress at all costs. One way to do that is to remind yourself that you are not in control of the process. Destiny is acknowledging and aligning yourself with something greater than yourself. That “Greatness” is in control and you are cooperating with it. Remain mindful of that. It keeps you humble and able to follow, not lead, your destiny.

Which one of these points is hardest for you?

There’s one more part to this 3 part post. It’s coming soon – and it’s got the most important and the most overlooked step. Stay tuned …

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Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

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