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This is a continuation from a previous post which you can read here (start with Part 1).

In the last post, you read the story of Amanda – an example of how believing a lie can really affect your quality of life.

So what Lies do you believe? Have you been thinking about this?

Here’s a real good indicator that you may believe a lie – look for fear, anxiety, worry or stress. Start with the negative fruit that a lie brings you and you’ll generally be on the right path.

Most of the lies we believe are things we don’t even think about – we just assume our perspective on the world is accurate and we base our decisions on this assumption. Because of this, I’ve discovered (by working with my coaching clients) that we need a way to access these unconscious distortions that does not rely on our ability to identify them.

I’ve developed the following “heart exercise” to help my clients identify lies they believe – specifically about themselves. And it works. People are astounded at the lies they uncover and the truth they receive when they do this exercise. Try it yourself! Then post in the comments what you experienced. I’d love to hear about it.

This exercise and others like it are in my book, Freedom through Forgiveness. You can read an excerpt here – it’s about forgiveness, which is foundational to how/why this exercise “works”. If you are not sure about choosing to forgive, I recommend you read that excerpt first. It makes all the difference.

Step: Lie Detector: Self Concept
Go to a place where you will not be interrupted. Take a few deep breaths, letting them out slowly to help you relax and to quiet your mind.

Say these statements/questions out loud and then wait for an answer. An answer may come as a feeling, a thought, a picture in your mind, a word, a memory or just an inner knowing. You can do this alone or with a friend. If no answer comes to the first question, go to a different step – this may not be the right time for this step.

“Spirit of Truth, is there a lie I believe about myself?” (pause and wait for an answer)

“Who taught me that lie?” (pause and wait for an answer)

“I forgive (name) for teaching me this lie. I forgive myself for receiving this lie and allowing it to influence my thoughts. I release myself from this lie. I give it up and let it go.”

“What truth do I need to hear?” (pause and wait for an answer)

“I receive the truth that (the truth).”

Note: We refer to the “Spirit of Truth” as a means to access the clarity or insight needed. Many people find that this method helps them obtain information that may not be readily available to their conscious mind.

Feel free to comment below. You can contact me privately through my website

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


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