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Forgiveness Key

What’s in your heart determines your destiny. Destiny is not WHAT you do, it is WHO you are because everything you DO comes out of WHO you are.

In order to follow your destiny, you’ve got to have access to your whole heart. If part of your heart is “tied up” or “locked away”, then you are limited in what you can be or do. Have you ever thought of that?

When we hold onto a grudge against someone, we think we are making them “pay” for what they did to us. But in reality, the other person doesn’t feel a thing. By holding onto the past, we tie up or lock away a part of own heart. It binds US up, not the other person.

Choosing to forgive opens up that cell where part of your heart is stuck in the past. When I work with clients, I often address the issue of forgiveness. Almost always when they feel “stuck”, we discover something from their past that is holding them back. When they choose to forgive, they are often quite surprised to discover how much freer THEY feel. They didn’t expect that forgiveness could be their key to freedom.

When you hit a wall and feel like you can’t go forward in your destiny, when you feel “blocked” as an artist or in any creative pursuit, consider if there’s someone you need to forgive. It’s not always obvious – sometimes it’s something from so far back that you don’t remember right away.

I developed some “heart exercises” to identify who you need to forgive so you can remove these blockages. I use these myself regularly. When I started sharing them with others, I got so many requests for them that I put them in a book. It’s here if you want to check it out.

Part of the challenge is figuring out what is blocking your path. Is it a lie you believe about yourself? Or a lie about someone else that’s blocking you? Is it a fear that’s holding you back? Figuring out what the blockage is and then knowing how to remove it is a critical life skill. I do this with my coaching clients. It’s a skill I can teach you, if you’re interested. Some people tell me they have learned this skill from reading my books. Either way, you owe it to yourself to find the key to YOUR destiny. No one else will do it for you.

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Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


Comments on: "Forgiveness: Key to Your Destiny" (2)

  1. Great post, Sandy! I couldn’t help but think of this song while reading this… Specifically because of the line “The prisoner that it really frees you.” It’s sooo true.

    • Thanks, Julie! Great video. You’re right – that’s a great line: “the prisoner that it really frees is you”. I love the picture of the little boy at the very end of the video, with his arms open wide and a big smile on his face. That’s what the freedom looks and feels like after you’ve forgiven. Your “inner child” is free to love again, with a big smile of joy on your face. Thanks for commenting and introducing me to a new song. I appreciate that. 🙂

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