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A friend of mine was an avid Facebook poster – she would often remark on my posts and “like” my photos. Her posts were encouraging and supportive. I loved seeing her online. She was, like many people today, very involved in her social networks. It helped her stay in touch with friends, especially after the birth of her first child. Anyone who has had a child knows that children have a direct effect on your social life, so Facebook, Pinterest and news sites kept her up to date on what was happening in the world.

A funny thing happened. Just after her son’s first birthday, he started a new behavior. Whenever she would check her phone for updates from Facebook or other sites, he would slap the phone in her hand. At first, she thought it was cute. Until he started doing it every time she picked up her phone. Not yet old enough to communicate with words, he found a way to tell his mom, “It’s time to disconnect.”

She decided Facebook was the biggest culprit. She left a post saying she was going offline and encouraged friends to call her if they wanted to communicate.

This week she said to me in an email, “I have enjoyed my disconnect from Facebook more than I anticipated. I feel more connected to everything by ridding myself of that particular attachment. I have expanded my technological fast to other areas and as a result, I am feeling more connected Spiritually than before.”

That really spoke to me. Are we becoming Disconnected from our true selves (our spirits) by being so connected to technology? What do you think?

Many people report a sense of relief when they are forced to be “technology free” for a day or a weekend. Even those that considered themselves “workaholics”.

Our souls need a break.

My friend continued with a cute anecdote of how her son (LJ) pointed her in the right direction. “I was reading a study about how technology (and our attachment to it) is rewiring the structure of our brains and how we process and perceive information. This scared the hell out of me. As I was sitting there pondering my brain being rewired by my constant need to be on the iPhone, LJ (the current greatest teacher in my life) handed me a novel that I had been meaning to read for years. I was instantly reminded of my love for historical novels and how long it has been since I immersed myself in one. The answer suddenly became clear to me: I need a break.

Obviously at age one, LJ has no idea what book her handed to her. Was this a “coincidence” or a message for her heart to hear? She took it as a message and it prompted her to even further disconnect in order to Reconnect with her true self.

Ready for the challenge?

If you have the courage or the curiosity, I suggest you try a “technological fast” for 24 hours. Fast as much as you can during that 24 hours – no email, text, Facebook, Internet sites, television, videos, movies, video games, etc. – basically avoid anything with a screen. Remember what the world looks like face-to-face.

You might be refreshingly surprised by how much more you enjoy life – disconnected from distraction and reconnected to your spirit.

How about you? How many times a day do you check your phone for messages? Being constantly connected becomes addictive. Do you think you have what it takes to try the technological fast?

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Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


Comments on: "Connected or Disconnected?" (2)

  1. I took a “fast” from technology and lived to tell about it. But just barely. 😉 It was an interesting “adventure,” I’ll link it to you in case you’d like to read about it:

    On the social networking side of it, I appreciate sites such as Facebook that help me feel more connected to friends and even extended family members that I may not have a chance to be in touch with (in person) as much. And I also think it could be a helpful avenue for people who are housebound and not able to get out much. But I do understand the concerns surrounding all of the different forms of technology, it can be very addictive, and can actually make people feel more disconnected in many other ways. It’s a good idea to “disconnect” from technology sometimes and center yourself. Great post, Sandy!

  2. Thanks, Julie. Wow – you took a whole week off from technology! That’s amazing. I did that once – for my honeymoon in Jamaica. 🙂

    I enjoyed a book I read by Julia Cameron and was intrigued by The Artist’s Way. Awesome way to reconnect with your “voice” as a writer. It was nice to see that during that week, you spent a lot of time with people. I think that is what is most missing – face to face time with living people. There’s something so dynamic in that and we forget how important it is.

    And yes, I agree. There are definitely some perks to social media in keeping in touch, albeit remotely, with long distance friends or relatives. Many people I know have told me they only joined Facebook so they could see the pictures of their friends’ children or their sister’s new baby. I know that’s why I orginally signed up. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy blogging! 🙂

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