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I’ve been reading a book by Danny Silk called Keep Your Love On. In it, he describes two kinds of people. Which one are you?

Powerless People:
I often say “I can’t” or “I have to” when describing my daily life, as in “I have to go to work”.
I am often anxious because I feel that I’m not in control of my own life.
I often say “I’ll try” because I’m not really committed and/or I’m afraid to say “No”.
My life is a mess and it’s not my fault – I’m a victim of circumstances or other people’s choices.
It’s my job to make you happy and keep everything “looking good” or running smoothly.
I feel threatened when people close to me make their own decisions without consulting me.
People have said I am controlling or domineering, but I don’t see that about myself.
I often whine and complain about my problems, but I don’t do anything to change them.

Powerful People:
I refuse to be a victim of my circumstances or other people’s choices.
I am only responsible for my own choices – not anyone else’s choices.
I don’t try to control or manipulate other people because I know it doesn’t work in the long run.
I don’t respond to control or manipulation by other people.
I learn from mistakes so I can make difference choices.
I don’t rescue powerless people – that’s not my job.
I set the standard for how I want to be treated by the way I treat others.
I don’t allow others to treat me with disrespect or a lack of consideration.

So which list of statements resonates with you the most? You might see yourself a little bit in each one.

Powerful people are not domineering. They know what they want in life and they pursue it freely – without guilt or manipulation. They know they have the power to create the life they want, to be happy and have the kind of people they want around them. When they say “Yes” or “No”, they mean it – they don’t let other people talk them out of their choices.

I don’t like to feel powerless, do you? It’s frustrating and causes a LOT of stress.

Whether you are a powerless person or powerful person is a choice you make. It is based on what you believe about yourself and others. When you change your perspective and realize just how powerful a person you are, no one can take that away from you. You don’t have to live a powerless life, unless you want to.

So – which one do you WANT to be?

The Choice is Yours


I LOVE to help people who feel powerless become POWERFUL – it takes a little adjusting, but it CAN be done. When you make this change, you start to experience peace like you’ve never known before. You sleep better and you have more energy and confidence throughout the day. You’d be surprised how much your perspective affects the quality of your life.

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Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


Comments on: "Are You Powerful or Powerless?" (3)

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  2. Tina Sapp said:

    I have come a long ways in a couple years, but am still powerless at times. A single Mother of 3, I want to impart a powerful life into each of them. How can i make the right choixe and lead a life of piwer and respect?

    • Tina, thanks for your comment and your question. Part of making right choices is recognizing what you believe about yourself when you make those choices. Often times we make disempowering choices because we don’t think we are valuable or worthy of being treated with respect. Or we wrongly believe we are responsible to “rescue” someone from the natural consequences of their own choices. It’s a process – we are all growing toward becoming more powerful and we will make mistakes at times. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Being patient is a choice to love ourselves and others – to give yourself time to become the person you want to be. I applaud the work you have done so far – don’t give up! You WILL become the person you want to be – both for yourself and your children. 🙂

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