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What Makes Some People So Confident?

Some people act with so much confidence. Have you ever wondered why? Remember the Fonz on the TV show, Happy Days? He was so “cool & confident”. He inspired Richie to want to be like him. You probably have some people like that in your life. What makes them so confident?

Self-confidence comes from a combination of life purpose and a strong sense of self-worth. When you know where you are going in life (your purpose) and you value yourself & your goals, it is easier to make decisions. Your sense of “inner direction” and your value system guides you daily. When you develop a strong sense of self-worth, insecurity disappears. You know who you are and you know what you want. As you pursue it, doors “magically” open for you. You have favor with important people and things happen for you effortlessly. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

So, how do you get there?

Action step: Start with strengthening your sense of self-worth. Ask 3 people who are close to you (a friend, a family member and a coworker) to tell you 3 characteristics about you that are positive. Ask them for examples of when you have demonstrated those characteristics. Can they tell you why those characteristics are valuable to them? Take all that information and study it. Do YOU see the value in yourself?

This is something that is very hard for some people to do. You probably take your strengths and talents for granted because they are so “familiar” to you. You may focus on what other people can do well (and often judge yourself as inadequate by comparison). If you don’t value yourself, then you probably don’t value your strengths either. But there’s hope!

There’s more to this process – too much to write in a short post like this. I can help you develop greater self-worth through personal coaching sessions. Then once that is established, you can work on life purpose. Your self-confidence will grow. Then you’ve got a great platform for the “magic” to begin. Call me – I’ll help you! You don’t have to do this alone anymore. Cell: 305-781-6229 🙂

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