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Be Authentic – It’s very powerful!

Q54 Authentic is Priceless

This came to me the other night.

Just by being authentic … by being “REAL” and not fake or pretending to be something you aren’t makes a HUGE impact on those around you.

People sense authenticity. You can tell when someone is “real”, can’t you?

Somehow when you are with someone who is authentic – it frees you up. It gives you permission to just be YOU.

Since they aren’t pretending, that means they have accepted themselves. They are not trying to put on a show to get you to like them. They like who they are.

And somehow that self-acceptance translates to being free to be yourself with them.

And THAT is priceless.

The world is full of people trying to impress others – trying to fit in, to be accepted.

Rare are the ones who have stopped playing the game and have decided to simply accept themselves. With those folks, it does not matter whether you look right, talk right or even act right. You are allowed to just “be” – no performing.

What a priceless gift that is.

Thank you, Friend, for showing me that the other day.

Your ♥ will thank you

Q20 Be the Change

BE the change! Your heart will thank you

It is very, very satisfying to BE the change you wish to see in the world. Those who are BEING the change are usually too busy to sit back and criticize what is wrong in the world. They see a need and they act.

It is very fulfilling – your heart will thank you if you focus your time and energy on making the world a better place.

♥ Go DO it! Love somebody today! ♥

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