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Stay Hungry

Hunger keeps you humble – it keeps you aware of your need, your dependence on MORE. Being hungry means you need more than what you have right now or have previously experienced.

So how do you “stay hungry”?

Being hungry is the opposite of being numb.

Avoid anything that distracts you from your inner longing, your burning desire for MORE.

Hunger is the heart’s natural state. When it is satisfied, just like with our stomach, it is brief. We do not eat once a day, we eat several times a day.

So with our hearts – we long for MORE, often not even knowing what MORE looks like. But we know we will KNOW it when we get it.

Staying hungry means not ignoring the burning longing of your soul. It is an uncomfortable feeling – to be hungry.

Many opt to fill the emptiness with junk food – quick fixes that do not satisfy your need for nourishment. You can do that physically as well as spiritually.

Stay hungry for what truly satisfies. Pursue it until you find it. Feed on it often and then let your hunger guide you to MORE.

Stay hungry!

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