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It is your Destiny to Be Loved. ♥

Q45 Destiny to be Loved

It is your Destiny to Be Loved. Just Receive It! ♥

Look … Listen … LOVE ♥

Q44 Look Listen Love

Look … Listen … LOVE ♥

A gentle reminder – when you look, really look and pay attention to those around you, when you listen, really listen to what they are communicating (sometimes it’s not with words) – that is LOVE.

Pay attention to the human beings around you. Give them your time.

Listen, really listen, to those you love. You can say, “I love you”, but if you’re not listening to them, are you really loving them? Everyone wants to be heard, needs to be heard, deserves to be heard.

Look … Listen … LOVE ♥ – it’s something each of us can do today.

Love Melts Walls – Reach out to someone today

Q43 Love Melts Walls

Love Melts Walls – Reach out to someone today

Receive God’s Love! Your heart will thank you

Q42 Receive God's Love

Receive God’s Love! Your heart will thank you

Many people have a hard time with this. They don’t feel worthy or they don’t even believe in God.

Do you believe in Love? I think down deep we all do or else we would not long for love. What do you think?

God is Love. That the most basic definition I have heard and it resonates with me. So if I believe in Love, then I believe in God.

Here’s the hard part – are you worthy of love? YES!

Imagine a new born baby. Does it deserve to be loved? Yes! Why? Because it is weak, vulnerable and in desperate need of someone to love it and take care of it or else it will die. Even though you are now grown up, you are still in desperate need of love or else you will die. Your survival depends on it.

So, love yourself enough to allow yourself to receive God’s love.

What if I don’t know how to receive God’s Love? It’s simple. Open your heart, close your eyes, put your hands out and say, “God, I open myself to your love. Please come and fill me with your love.” Then wait. Opening up your heart is something you do on the inside of you. No one can do it for you.

When you open up your heart, you’ll notice a change. It may be very slight at first, but you will notice it. Do this “ritual” of receiving God’s love daily and notice the changes in yourself. Then share that love with others!

If you have trouble receiving God’s love, that’s something I can help you with. I LOVE to help people learn how to receive God’s love for them. You will never be the same, if you do. Feel free to contact me.

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

False Intimacy leaves you empty

Q36 False intimacy

False Intimacy leaves you empty. It may LOOK like Intimacy but it doesn’t satisfy your soul … Don’t settle!

Do you know the difference between true and false intimacy? Your soul does. If you have an intimate encounter and you feel empty afterwards … guess what? That’s false intimacy.

True intimacy leaves you feeling safe, loved and satisfied.

If your heart feels empty, it’s because it is not receiving True Love.

People use each other all the time. It may look like intimacy, it may look like what happens in the movies, but your heart feels empty later. That’s one indicator you can trust to tell you that it’s not real intimacy.

Please don’t settle. You are worth more than that. Once you decide you deserve real intimacy with real love, it will come to you. Close the door to any relationship that is not worthy of you. You deserve to be loved, not used. You know the difference – trust your gut. It won’t lead you wrong.

Look around and ask, “Where is the Love?” Follow that path. It will lead you where you want to go.

Don’t be afraid. You are not alone. As you pursue what is authentic and true for you, you will find others just like you who are tired of false intimacy.

If this is something you’d like some help with, please contact me. I specialize in helping people find what they are looking for. 🙂

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


Q31 YOU are Loved

Never Alone… Love is all around you

This is a powerful illustration of a simple truth we all need to remember. I love Julie’s photography – go check out her other posts too ♥

Ramblings From Jewels



When I first started putting this together, I initially had only the one little lonely heart hanging there, but then I thought to myself  “No… this isn’t true.  No heart is ever truly alone… Love is all around us, everywhere.”  So I added all of the other little opalescent hearts to illustrate that.  Sometimes we can’t see it, but if we shift our perspective just a little bit, it begins to come into focus.


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

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Open Up! ♥

Q29 Open UP

What the mind can conceive, the heart can receive … Open Up! – Sandy Walker

Did you know that if you cannot conceive of something, then it is virtually impossible to receive it?

I have often heard people say in reference to someone else’s good fortune, “That could never happen to me!” And you know what? It won’t. They cannot imagine something that good happening for them – therefore, it is not likely to happen.

Your expectation really does affect what comes into your life.

So if you are wishing you had ____________ in your life (fill in the blank), then start imagining what life would be like if you had it. How would you FEEL if you had that thing (i.e. that job, that kind of person in your life, etc.)? How would life be different? How would it affect your behavior, your thoughts, your emotions? Do a little daydreaming here – in fact, do it every day.

Thinking like this will shift the way you think and what you start looking for. You’ll make decisions based on your expectations. This will open doors for you – new things will start happening in your life. You’ll get direction and you’ll recognize it because you’ve been daydreaming about what life could be like.

Try it – then let me know what happens. Because if you don’t, it never will. 🙂

Secret to Long-Lasting Love

heart red

The Secret to Long-Lasting Love – it may surprise you!

Many people focus on love and romance in February – Card, Candy and Flower Companies encourage you to find a way to express your love by buying just the right product. Do you remember what you gave or received last Valentine’s Day? Nope, me neither (sorry, honey). I’m sure it was fitting, romantic and sweet – but unfortunately, it didn’t stick with me (well, except for the extra pounds I probably gained from eating all that chocolate).

Would you like to know one of the secrets to Long-Lasting Love in a romantic relationship? It might surprise you … are you ready for this? Gratitude. Once the initial thrill of “new love” has worn off, you and your partner are now navigating daily life. Our lives get pretty routine and mundane – go to work, pay the bills, eat, sleep, etc. It’s easy (and very human) to pay attention to things that annoy us. It doesn’t take much. Over time, we too easily forget what drew us to this wonderful person we wanted to spend so much time with.

Gratitude reminds you what you love about him or her. When you first met, you couldn’t believe how much they connected with you. The things they said and the topics you talked about were EXACTLY what you needed to hear. You were so thankful to have found them. So what happened? Where’s that spark?

Action step: Gratitude changes your attitude – it really does! Take this challenge: Each day this month think of one thing you are grateful for and send it as a text message to that special someone. If you are not in a romantic relationship, then text it to various close friends or family that you care about. It will definitely change your attitude – you’ll start noticing the POSITIVE things you like about this person. And guess what? They will respond to your outpouring of Love – I promise. It could improve the intimacy in your relationship – you tend to open up to someone who expresses how much they like you! Try it – then tell me how it worked for you. I LOVE to hear stories & I may publish it in the next newsletter.

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I like who I am ♥ Do you like who you are?

Q27 Stop Self Rejection

When you start loving YOU – guess what? Other people will love you too! “I like WHO I AM on the inside. I am worthy of being loved. And the first person who will love me is ME!” – Sandy Walker

We project a certain vibe to others (unconsciously). If we reject ourselves, we send a message that says, “There’s something wrong with me – you probably won’t like me.” People feel this vibe without realizing it and guess what? They tend to reject you or keep their distance. I’m not kidding – I’ve seen this happen many, many times.

But the opposite is also true – if you like yourself (no, I don’t mean being self-centered – there’s a difference), then you also send an unconscious message to others. It might say something like this, “I like myself. It’s okay to be me. Therefore, it’s okay to be you too.” People are drawn to those who are confident and like themselves. It’s a very attractive quality to have.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop rejecting yourself. If you need help with this, then contact me or read one of my books. I used to suffer from severe self-rejection and I didn’t even realize it. Once I did, I found a way to overcome it. It has made a HUGE difference in my life. I LOVE my life now – I no longer live in fear of being rejected by others. I like who I am and it shows. 🙂

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