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Receive God’s Love! Your heart will thank you

Q42 Receive God's Love

Receive God’s Love! Your heart will thank you

Many people have a hard time with this. They don’t feel worthy or they don’t even believe in God.

Do you believe in Love? I think down deep we all do or else we would not long for love. What do you think?

God is Love. That the most basic definition I have heard and it resonates with me. So if I believe in Love, then I believe in God.

Here’s the hard part – are you worthy of love? YES!

Imagine a new born baby. Does it deserve to be loved? Yes! Why? Because it is weak, vulnerable and in desperate need of someone to love it and take care of it or else it will die. Even though you are now grown up, you are still in desperate need of love or else you will die. Your survival depends on it.

So, love yourself enough to allow yourself to receive God’s love.

What if I don’t know how to receive God’s Love? It’s simple. Open your heart, close your eyes, put your hands out and say, “God, I open myself to your love. Please come and fill me with your love.” Then wait. Opening up your heart is something you do on the inside of you. No one can do it for you.

When you open up your heart, you’ll notice a change. It may be very slight at first, but you will notice it. Do this “ritual” of receiving God’s love daily and notice the changes in yourself. Then share that love with others!

If you have trouble receiving God’s love, that’s something I can help you with. I LOVE to help people learn how to receive God’s love for them. You will never be the same, if you do. Feel free to contact me.

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


Open Up! ♥

Q29 Open UP

What the mind can conceive, the heart can receive … Open Up! – Sandy Walker

Did you know that if you cannot conceive of something, then it is virtually impossible to receive it?

I have often heard people say in reference to someone else’s good fortune, “That could never happen to me!” And you know what? It won’t. They cannot imagine something that good happening for them – therefore, it is not likely to happen.

Your expectation really does affect what comes into your life.

So if you are wishing you had ____________ in your life (fill in the blank), then start imagining what life would be like if you had it. How would you FEEL if you had that thing (i.e. that job, that kind of person in your life, etc.)? How would life be different? How would it affect your behavior, your thoughts, your emotions? Do a little daydreaming here – in fact, do it every day.

Thinking like this will shift the way you think and what you start looking for. You’ll make decisions based on your expectations. This will open doors for you – new things will start happening in your life. You’ll get direction and you’ll recognize it because you’ve been daydreaming about what life could be like.

Try it – then let me know what happens. Because if you don’t, it never will. 🙂

Open Up! ♥

Q18 Open UP2

What the mind can conceive, the heart can receive … Open Up! – Sandy Walker

It has been my experience that it’s nearly impossible for you to receive something into your life if you cannot conceive doing so. I hear people say, when speaking of something positive, “Oh, that would never happen to me!” When they hear of someone else’s good fortune or door of opportunity, they ask, “How come that never happens to me?”

Can you imagine something good coming your way or do you often see only the negative view of life? Do you anticipate good things happening for you? When you begin to expect good, guess what? You start noticing all the good things that DO happen in your life. This increases your positive expectation (it gives you more faith) that more good things will come your way and it tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There seems to be a principle of life that your heart can receive only what your mind is willing to conceive – to accept, to believe and to expect.

Change your expectations, shift your thinking and you’ll be amazed what happens next! Try it and let me know what happens! ♥

“Gratitude is the attitude that releases …

“Gratitude is the attitude that releases increases!” – Sandy Walker

Okay, I know – it’s kind of a catchy phrase. But it’s really TRUE! When you are grateful for something, you are focusing positive energy on that thing. Whatever you focus on … grows. So, it makes sense that when you are grateful that releases more good things to come to you … usually of the same kind.

Try it! It will open up your heart to receive MORE. I promise. 🙂

[BTW, that photo is of the “sunflower” bush in my yard. It grows 8 feet tall & then blooms. We have to keep trimming it so it doesn’t get into the power lines. I think the official name is the Mexican Daisy.]



Be Loved Today

You were created to be loved so … BE LOVED TODAY! Just receive it …

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