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Who’s in control here?

Q22 Who's in control

Who’s in control here? You or Me? – God

Just a little reminder to surrender control of the new year to the Higher Power who brings order to the Universe we know. The more we try to grasp for control, the more anxious we become. The more anxious we are, the less we enjoy life. The less we enjoy life, the more miserable we are – and we tend to affect all those around us as well. We also don’t sleep well and don’t make wise decisions when we are anxious.

So, just give it up already! Surrendering control to something bigger than you is incredibly freeing! It brings tremendous peace and joy – when you just let go. Try it! ♥

Let someone love you …

Let someone love you clear

Let someone love you just as you are – and let that someone by you.

Can you do that today? Are you ready to start? It’s really worth it. YOU’RE really worth it ♥

Start small … pay attention to the things you LIKE about yourself. Comment on them in your head. Replace the nagging criticism in your thoughts with some positive comments – you’ll be surprised how much BETTER that feels. 🙂

Destiny – what is it?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Destiny lately – it seems that many folks don’t know what it is. Since I’ve spent considerable time pondering this topic over the years, I’d like to share my perspective … what works for me in understanding Destiny. I use this concept with my clients when I do Freedom Coaching (see for more info on that) so I’ve become pretty fluent in the discussion of this topic.

The way I see it is this: Fate is what happens to you, Destiny is how you respond. There are many, many things over which you have no control. This is usually a really hard thing for most people to recognize and admit. It’s a bit of an existential moment when I ask someone to list for me the things they have control over. Go ahead – do it yourself. Start thinking – What do I have control over? It’s a pretty short list.

For example, you did not control where you were born, the family you were born into, the DNA that determines your height, eye color, etc. You had very little control over the type of childhood you had because for the most part you were powerless, right? As children we can’t wait to grow up because we think adults have all the power – they tell us what to do, so they must have power, right? But then you finally become an adult and you STILL have so little control over your life. For some, this is a scary thought.

However, if you’ll stay with me, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. Freedom comes when you realize that if you can’t control something, you are not responsible for it either. Whew! Take off a load of that false responsibility you’ve been carrying! Most of us assume responsibility for much more than we actually have control over – this is often what creates stress in our lives.

Do you have control over your partner’s actions? Your children’s choices? Your boss’s decisions? No, no and never. So much of what happens to us is beyond our control, but that’s okay because then we are not responsible for it either. You can only be responsible for what you can control – anything more than that is insanity. Yet without realizing it most of us are in an unconscious power struggle with life over this simple thing called Control.

So how does this relate to Destiny? When you are clear on your Destiny, you do not worry about what you can’t control. You simply focus on how you want to respond to what happens to you each day. Walking in your Destiny means being intentional in your everyday choices. It is a very refreshing, stress reducing practice to focus daily on what you CAN control instead of worrying over what you can’t control. This is part of the secret of finding fulfillment in life.

Begin to pay attention each day to what you truly have control over … and then release those things that are beyond your control. You can choose your attitude, your tone of voice, whether or not you smile today, things like that. You can’t control someone else’s reaction to you, what’s going to be said about you at work or among your friends and you certainly can’t control another person’s choices or attitude. Let it go. There’s tremendous freedom in surrender – just let it go.

I hope this has brought a little bit of light to this topic today. Feel free to comment below. You can contact me privately through my website

Enjoy the day!

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