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Partial truth is not the same as Whole Truth …

Q51 Partial Truth is Deception
Partial truth is not the same as Whole Truth. Partial Truth is Deception. Watch out!


Q41 Truth brings Freedom


It just does. Need I say more? Tell the truth – it will set you free. Listen to the truth – it will set you free. Be the truth – set others free.

It’s pretty simple. Lies (the opposite of truth) ensnare you like a spider’s web. If you want to be free – live the truth you know. Listen to the truth that resonates with you. Be the truth that others need to see/hear.

You CAN be happy and enjoy life

Q32 You CAN be happy

You can be happy and enjoy life. It really is possible. Even for YOU. – Sandy Walker

Listen to your heart

Q28 Listen to Your Heart

Listen to your heart

What does that mean?

It means pay attention when your insides are telling you something. It means not denying how you feel about a person or a situation. It means learning to trust that inner voice, that inner self’s intuition, about people, places and things.

It really makes a big difference in your life whether or not you are listening to your heart.

Those that don’t will suffer. They drown out that inner voice with alcohol, with work, or even with mindless activity like watching tv or surfing the internet. Anything to stay busy, to stay distracted so that they don’t have to pay attention to their thoughts.

And yet, if they would slow down long enough to listen, they might just be surprised by what they hear. It can open new doors. It can reveal truth you really need to hear. It can lead you to the right path, the right job, the right person for your life.

Why DON’T you listen to your heart?

Many of my clients come to me because something is stirring them to listen … but they have forgotten how. Or they doubt what they are hearing and they need someone to help them sort out the conflicting emotions that listening sometimes brings up.

I LOVE to help people listen to their heart. It brings such clarity of purpose and focus to their lives. Your heart can connect you to wellspring of peace and joy. But you have to start with LISTENING … listening closely.

If this is something you’d like some help with, let me know. You can contact me privately through my website

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

You can be as FREE as ….

Q26 Free as you WANT to be3
“You can be as FREE as you WANT to be. What does that look like for YOU?” – Sandy Walker

What would it look like to be FREE to really be yourself? With no excuses or explanations – just YOU, wonderful, beautiful YOU!

Most people are too afraid to be themselves. I talk to people every day in my coaching practice who tell me they are afraid to be themselves with others. They feel “lost” or like no one loves them – because no one really KNOWS them. And why? Because they won’t let anyone see the real person inside.

You really can be as free as you WANT to be – but it takes work. I know – I’ve done a LOT of that kind of work myself … personally. I used to be terrified to let people see the real me – what if they didn’t like me?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter. What really matters is if YOU like you. Then anyone else’s opinion is just that – THEIR opinion. I trust myself more than I trust anyone else and I like me.

Can you say that about yourself?

If not, contact me. I’ll help you. I’ve been there – I know how miserable it feels to be unknown and to feel unloved. I’ll listen and together we’ll figure out how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from being known and feeling loved. It’s a LOT easier when you have someone by your side to help you.

Give me a call 305-781-6229. I can work with anyone by phone. Most people experience a significant breakthrough within just 4 sessions. Why not YOU? 🙂

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Addiction … struggling to BECOME

Q21 Under Addiction

“Under every addiction is a truly gifted person struggling to BECOME.” – Sandy Walker

I got this insight one night as I was working with a person struggling with addiction. We (as a society) tend to judge those who are “addicts”. I’ve sat with grieving family members as they ask, “Why can’t he/she just STOP?! This addiction is tearing up our family.” Yes, it is. Addiction is a very painful thing to deal with – whether you are the person struggling with addiction or whether you are the loved one.

Many of us, facing holiday gatherings, will encounter friends or family members who use a substance or a compulsive behavior to help them cope. Before you turn a critical eye on them, I’d like to reframe the picture for you.

Here is an individual who is truly gifted. They’ve been sent here to earth to accomplish a mission. They carry answers inside of them that someone needs. But somehow, they didn’t get what they needed when they needed it. They WANT to contribute to society, to their family, to the world – to BE who they were made to be. But they hurt a lot inside … though they may never show it. They are scared. They have been rejected one too many times by people who should have been there for them. And often they’ve just given up on themselves. They’ve never been convinced that they are LOVED, that they are WORTHY, that they MATTER.

Something deep inside is missing or broken and it’s so deep that they can’t tell you what it is most of the time. They don’t understand it either. So not only are THEY struggling, they also have to deal with the shame they feel of letting down those they love. They see the looks, they know what you’re thinking, they hear it in your tone of voice or the way you ignore them. They are very, very sensitive to the way others treat them.

The holidays can be very hard for people who are struggling with addiction. Give them a break. Look at them differently this year. Give them space to grow and become. Be part of the solution by believing in them. They could use a friend. ♥

Let someone love you …

Let someone love you clear

Let someone love you just as you are – and let that someone by you.

Can you do that today? Are you ready to start? It’s really worth it. YOU’RE really worth it ♥

Start small … pay attention to the things you LIKE about yourself. Comment on them in your head. Replace the nagging criticism in your thoughts with some positive comments – you’ll be surprised how much BETTER that feels. 🙂

“Gratitude is the attitude that releases …

“Gratitude is the attitude that releases increases!” – Sandy Walker

Okay, I know – it’s kind of a catchy phrase. But it’s really TRUE! When you are grateful for something, you are focusing positive energy on that thing. Whatever you focus on … grows. So, it makes sense that when you are grateful that releases more good things to come to you … usually of the same kind.

Try it! It will open up your heart to receive MORE. I promise. 🙂

[BTW, that photo is of the “sunflower” bush in my yard. It grows 8 feet tall & then blooms. We have to keep trimming it so it doesn’t get into the power lines. I think the official name is the Mexican Daisy.]

Can’t is a Four Letter Word

This post comes from a friend of mine who has an uncanny way with words.
Miami Beach view

Recently I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at the beach, toes dug in the sand, warm water lapping, taking an easy stroll, pondering the intricacies of life with a dear loved one, and watching the sky pulse with beauty as the sun set. Ahhhh. Packing up that splendor along with the tiniest seashell and our mountain of make-the-moment-perfect stuff, we headed to my car.

Locked. Hmmm. Key? Arrgghh! Can you feel the peace begin to leak out of me? Yes, getting into my car should have been a relatively easy task, however on this particular occasion my hands were overflowing with stuff, as was the pocketbook I was digging through to find the keys. And someone was with me, hands equally full, waiting to lay down her burden in that still locked trunk. Oh, the pressure. Somewhere in the digging I called out, “I can’t find the keys.” Defeat.

In just a blink I was reminded of the power of words and immediately corrected the statement to, “Well, I haven’t found them yet, but they’re in here.” And just as quickly my attitude toward the situation changed. I went from the path to dismal frustration to the journey of committed perseverance. I knew the keys were in there and, like a veil lifting, I realized the factors that were interfering with my success were temporary. I knew that the stuff I was carrying were obstacles preventing me from finding them but those could be put down. I recognized the pressure that someone else was struggling because of me could be shifted to the comfort of having someone willing to be in the struggle with me (fortunately this was a grown up with power of choice not my 2-year-old grandson needing a nap or a potty :)). My perception readjusted, my attitude quickly followed, and my outcome had no choice but to join the party. I headed home with the key in the ignition, the sea shell in my pocket, and the sunset in my rearview mirror.

“Can’t” is a statement of defeat, a permanent end. By definition it means “not able to”,” not knowing how to”, “not capable of” . . . what a lie. In just a breath I realized how many of us every day turn temporary setbacks into permanent failure by pledging to the flag of “I can’t”. Well, I’m here to remind you, YOU CAN! Ditch the stuff you are carrying, grab hold of the friend who is willing to share both the sunsets and the struggles, and find the key. It’s in there!
Freedom Key
Pay attention this week to how often and how quickly you give up. When you hear yourself using “the C word” in situations where you could be soaring, immediately restate the situation. Remember, the setback is only temporary so make your words reflect that. Replace it with a powerful, “I am!, I can! I will!”

by Sonya O. Boyne, A Season of Comfort

Follow your heart

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart

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