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Pride makes you dumb

Q50 Pride makes you dumb

Pride makes you dumb! You do stupid things that you are ashamed of later. There’s wisdom in humility. GET SMART!

Did you know that when you are full of yourself (we call that egotism, pride or arrogance), it actually short circuits your ability to see things clearly? When we become so self-focused, we lose touch with reality.

The problem is … everyone else can see this clearly … but not us. Pride blinds you to reality. You make decisions that are self-centered and selfish quite easily when you are full of yourself, when you are only thinking of what will benefit you. Later, you realize how stupid you were. You realize how hurtful your actions were – your pride blinded you to how your choices would hurt someone you care about. But at the time, it made sense. Has that ever happened to you?

Pride also keeps you from getting input from others. When you think you know everything there is to know, you don’t ask for advice. And other people won’t offer their suggestions or ideas – they can tell you are not interested. That’s a bad place to be – we need other people’s help and guidance. They have something to offer us, but pride shuts the door on them. Without key information, we often make bad decisions.

There’s wisdom in humility. When you are humble, thinking of others and their needs as just as important as you and your needs, you actually think better. You make wiser decisions, decisions that are more loving because you are not so self-focused. You are open to receiving advice and as a result, you become a wiser person. People can tell when you are humble and they will support you in making good decisions. That’s a good place to be.

Think about this today. Choose humility. Choose to think of others, not just of yourself. It makes a difference. πŸ™‚


“Gratitude is the attitude that releases …

“Gratitude is the attitude that releases increases!” – Sandy Walker

Okay, I know – it’s kind of a catchy phrase. But it’s really TRUE! When you are grateful for something, you are focusing positive energy on that thing. Whatever you focus on … grows. So, it makes sense that when you are grateful that releases more good things to come to you … usually of the same kind.

Try it! It will open up your heart to receive MORE. I promise. πŸ™‚

[BTW, that photo is of the “sunflower” bush in my yard. It grows 8 feet tall & then blooms. We have to keep trimming it so it doesn’t get into the power lines. I think the official name is the Mexican Daisy.]

Destiny is about WHO you ARE

Destiny is who you are

“Destiny is not about what you do. It’s about WHO you are because everything you DO comes out of who you ARE.” – Sandy Walker

Looking for wisdom?

Wanted to post a quick update – many of you who follow my blog may not be aware that I also send out a newsletter. It’s a short monthly note to help you become your best self with simple, practical steps you can take today. The topic for March is: Wisdom – How do you get it?

Though not as deep as the blog, the newsletter gets you moving in the right direction. It’s simple, practical and easy to read quickly.

If you’d like to sign up, go toΒ this page and enter your name and email address. Just takes a second!

Wisdom will come to those who ask for it – did you know that? Try it – it works!

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