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What Lies Do You Believe? Part 1

Today’s Truth: Lies only have power if you believe them.

Seems pretty simple, right? Of course, lies only have power if you believe them. The question is – What Lies do YOU believe?

If you are reading this blog, I can assure you that right now you are believing lies. You don’t even realize it. You believe lies about yourself, about your family, about your friends, about your job, about your boss, about your coworkers and even about God.

Wow. How do I know this? Because we all believe distortions of the truth (aka Lies). I’ve never met someone who didn’t believe a lie about themselves and about others. We pick up these distortions throughout our lives – it just happens. It starts with our view of how or why things happen – we begin to form these opinions as a child. Since our reasoning is not yet mature, we come up with all kinds of “mis-truths”. We get a little bit of truth with a little bit of error. When you do that, it becomes a distortion of the truth, an inaccurate view of what is really happening.

The problem is – we don’t realize that our version of reality is somewhat skewed. We never question it. No one asks us about it. It is just the way we see the world.

The problem is – if you believe something that is not true about the world, about yourself, about relationships, about anything – it affects your ability to make good decisions. If your data is bad, your conclusions will be faulty. As a result, your life doesn’t work as it should. There’s unnecessary conflict and stress in your life – all because of those lousy lies you believe.

So how do you find out if you believe any lies?

I have a simple little exercise called the Lie Detector. It’s in my book, Freedom through Forgiveness. I’ll go more into this in a future post. Here it is in a quick summary.
1. You query a source of truth that can verify if what you believe is true or not.
2. You uproot the source of the lie you believe. You shift your thinking about this area.
3. You find out what’s really true and you incorporate it into your thinking.

Seems pretty simple, right? It’s actually a little more challenging than you think it is – especially point 3. This is the point I emphasize the most to my clients because they assume it is easy – until life proves them wrong.

If this topic intrigues you, if you want to get your life on a firmer foundation of reality (versus the Lies you believe), then stay tuned. To continue, go to Part 2.

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Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach

Sandy Walker, Freedom Coach


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